Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DPOA P-BID Renewal Succeeds!

Well, what can I say? WOOHOO!

Now that I am not currently working I decided to go to the Pomona Council Meeting and show my support for the Downtown P-Bid renewal last night. I was told to fill out a card and vote in favor of and that's pretty much it. I sat there with some acquaintances from the area (Brad, Diane, Natalie, Sally, Johnny, basically everyone who is always in the downtown area). I've never been to one of these council meetings for any city which I have lived in. Brad informed me that I can say whatever I'd like for 3 minutes. I thought, hmm, should I or shouldn't I? As they spoke about the renewal and votes, they came to calling the names on the cards. Most people just said 'In Favor' from their seats. As my name was called, I went up to the mic. When the mayor asked me to speak, I just said what was on my mind about the whole thing. As I finished, it was really nice to have everyone clapping for my 'short speech'. It was straight from the heart.

We all met at the DBA for drinks later that night, and it was nice of Larry & Carolyn of the DPOA to thank me for my words. They said my speech was the winner of the night. Again, thank you all involved with the DPOA, you have my made downtown Pomona so much fun, you can't get me out of there on the weekends now!

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