Thursday, July 30, 2009

Northeast Pomona Power Outage On Thursday?

Did anyone elsewhere in the city go through this? Im going to say around 9pm or so, the power went out approximately 3 times. The last being off for almost 5 minutes. I walked out and as far as I could see, it was seriously dark. I looked towards American Ave, west to Indian Hill, and as far as I could see it was all dark. Towards Montclair it was also dark. Was it just our immediate neighborhood or did the rest of Pomona, Claremont or Montclair go through this? I tried searching the news and nothing.


  1. Yes. I live on american. I was watching TV when all of a sudden a huge flash happened around 9pm and all power was lost. All around my blocks, were all black. Edison was working after 8 am to fix it. Power was restored around 6am. So one flash, one outage, and one re up. Didnt happen more than that on america,/indian hill where i live.

    I heard the dennys up the street had power go out for seconds, and re generated like nothing. I also saw Pomona PD air support helicopter with his light on at this time. So I think it had to do with a car crash/ pursuit.

    -Claremont/ POmona
    border resident

  2. Ok, the first post pretty much sums it up for my area.. Yes, I heard the chopper as well... I think it was some kind of accident. Thanks!