Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation Vacation

I am now on my 2nd week off and have hardly done anything 'internet'. I'm hanging with the kids and doing fun stuff around town this week. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to wind down and blog a bit. Not much happening this week, except me trying to beat the game 'Little Big Planet' on the PlayStation 3. That is my highlight so far. I think I'll hit Malibu beach tomorrow morning and do some bodyboarding. Huntington & Newport are still having a huge riptide problem. I've been caught in those and it's no fun. I'll have to check beach reports for the Malibu area tonight.


  1. Bring your kids down to the library. We really have a great time here. We only have two more weeks of our summer reading program but we still have great prizes. (For 5 hours read they get a book bag and a free pass to go roller skating at skate express.) We give prizes out every five hours up to 25 hours read. And the prizes get better the more they read.) If they need help at finding books please come in and ask us. One of my favorite joys is pairing up a child with the right book!

    (More prizes include Boomers, Round Table Pizza, free books, and a ticket to the Quakes baseball game as well as a free swim pass to Washington or Ganesha pools.)

    Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a commercial but it's a great program and I would like to see as many families possible take advantage of a good thing. Everything is free and we have great air conditioning!

    Hope to meet you here!

    (I almost put a joke of the day on here, I was beginning to think I was blogging. ;)

  2. That's a great idea... in fact, it would be wonderful to visit Pomona's library for the 1st time together!