Monday, July 20, 2009

Tonight! Vote For Pomona's DPOA Renewal!

Show your support for the DPOA by coming out tonight at 7pm! Here's a letter from Mr. Egan, the Executive Director of the DPOA:

Hello All,

Once again we need your help. This Monday, July 20, 2009 at 7:00 PM the Pomona City Council will hold a public hearing regarding renewal of the DPOA. After public hearing a tally of the returned ballots from downtown property owners will take place with the City Council instructing the City Manager to vote aye,nay, or abstain, regarding city owned properties in the downtown . After the ballots are counted the City Council will vote up or down to renew the DPOA. The City Council has the deciding vote and authority to renew, disband, or modify the DPOA.

A strong show of support for the DPOA by way of attending the meeting and submitting a speaker card requesting the council to instruct the City Manger to vote yes on the city's ballot will show the Council in a tangible way the community's desire for the DPOA to be renewed so that it can continue its work revitalizing downtown Pomona. With your help it will prevail. Your support in the past has been heartwarming to all of us at the DPOA, and has had a tremendous impact on the City Council. Monday night is the last step in the process, and the decisions made will be FINAL. There is no appeal process. So, please attend the meeting, show your support, email your Council member and urge them to instruct the City Manager to vote yes on the ballot, and allow us to continue to serve the interests and well being of downtown Pomona.

Why should you care what happens to the DPOA? If the DPOA were to go away here are some of the benefits and services that would no longer be available:

Farmers Markets
Metro Night Out and car show
Antique Collector's Fair
Fresh Air Flicks
Private Security
Dedicated Police Officers
Trash Pick Up
Parking Lot cleaning
Power Washing sidewalks and graffiti removal
Insurance to cover any downtown special event
Street Banners
Metro Minute
Metro Pomona Web Site and Blog
A voice and organization representing the downtown's interests at City Hall
Miss Pomona Pageant
Downtown Christmas Parade
Second Saturday Art Walk promotion

This is LAST CALL!
Thank You for Your Support

Larry Egan
Executive Director
Downtown Pomona Owner's Association
t) 909.469.1121
f) 909.469.1120

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