Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aetna Forcing 600,000+ To Lose Coverage For Profits

Boy, am I in a political mood today. And here's more crap from the corporations who continue to push for continued economic depression, while raking in profits.

Are you still one of those morons who are helping the health/insurance corporation by fighting health care for those who can't afford it? Wake up and smell reality (if you haven't already). Stop believing all the paid-for talking points and B/S they're feeding you.

It's simple, PROFIT before PEOPLE. That's what they're doing with your health and money.

"Health insurance giant Aetna is planning to force up to 650,000 clients to drop their coverage next year as it seeks to raise additional revenue to meet profit expectations."

"The pricing we put in place for 2009 turned out to not really be what we needed to achieve the results and margins that we had historically been delivering," said chairman and CEO Ron Williams.

Oh, and Aetna actually made a profit in 2009 but not at levels that it anticipated.

Read the HuffPost article here.

oh, and here's a video from MSNBC on the subject:

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And while we're at it, here's another little bonus. Do you know what an MLR is? Never heard of it? Wall Street sure knows what it is, and I think you should too: Click here for a quick article on MLR

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