Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve Tomorrow, What To Do?

So many things going on tomorrow, but what to do? L.A. is certainly filled with many events, but the drive + hotel plus all that is really not attractive right now. Staying home seems a bit better, but I've done that too much in recent years.

Well, ran into some friends in Downtown Pomona on Monday and I think I've decided on what to do. Looks like it will be an early night of Jazz at the Hip-Kitty in Claremont, to begin. It is right up the street from me (about a mile) and I can certainly have a beer while there. Following the Hip-Kitty, they are planning to attend a Rock-A-Billy/Swinging Music Night of some sort at the Fox Theatre in Downtown Pomona. In fact, here's the flyer:

I can pop in back at home after Hip-Kitty and catch a cab to Downtown Pomona. Yeah, it's only 3 miles but drinking and driving do not mix. Let's see if this plan holds up. If not, oh well, this is the best I can do. Sorry L.A., once again not this year.

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