Friday, December 18, 2009

No Health, No Care, No Reform.

The American Insurance Cartel IS the death panel. Looks like HB 3590 aka Health Care Reform, will not contain the single payer system, public option and medicare buy-in. It has now been raped, cut-up and left for dead, all for what appears to be another HUGE gift to the private insurance industry. We're now at the hands of the health care industry. Oh and thanks Mr. Obama, for sitting back and doing nothing about this. You gave in to these selfish greedy Republicans and corporate sellouts, not to mention the stupid people the media is paid to show on TV constantly against this. Those same stupid people will now be worse off than ever, especially our seniors. The Health Care Industry thanks all stupid, gullible, easily-led Americans. They cannot wait to profit off each and everyone of you while you lose your jobs, home and health.

Enough, listen to Keith Olbermann here, this is what YOU NEED TO HEAR!

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