Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recycle Trash Bandits Update

I have previously blogged about the recycling trash can bandits here in Pomona, and it sure applies to other cities as well. One of the problems was that the recycling truck would always be the last to pick up, and very late.

I'm posting this message to compliment the City of Pomona Utility Services for doing something about it. The last 4 weeks I've noticed that the recycle truck has been the 1st to pick up! Yes, they are doing it at an average time of 7:30am. What a difference it makes from picking up after 11am. In fact, I heard it this morning about 7:30am, I looked out and actually saw 2 recycle thieves at the same time! One was right behind it and the other was on the next street that 'T's. The recycle truck was moving fast picking up, much faster than usual. It seemed he was trying to beat the bandits.

Although this doesn't solve the problem fully, it definitely makes a difference!

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