Saturday, December 12, 2009

Enjoying The Wonderful Rain All Week!

Haven't blogged much but it's just so beautiful with the rain outside! You can go out into the streets and it's just gorgeous. The garden is swollen with water and it's great! I'm sitting here with my laptop and a cup of the ol'Joe staring at my yard. The wife is busy crocheting scarves for Christmas. My daughter is hopping around the house with her Nintendo DS. What a beautiful day!


  1. Where were you during the parade in Downtown Pomona? If you like rain, you'd have loved it out there!!! I was looking for you in the crowd.

  2. And at the Art Walk what you don`t like us anymore lol have a nice weekend and see you @ the next art walk...B^)

  3. Oh boy, yes, I missed all the festivities. We had alot going on at home and elsewhere throughout the afternoon. I had guests over in the evening that wouldn't leave, so I was basically stuck at home. I do go to the area about once or twice a week regardless though. So I'll be over this week again for a drink at Tapas or DBA!