Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogger Excerpt Of The Day & Election

Love this quote from a fellow blogger:

"I’m going to refrain from knee-jerk reactions concerning the results from last night. It would be too easy to wax philosophic about how stupid people elect stupid people…but I’m rather upset just now, and I’m hoping a day or two of sober reflections will help to ease my disappointment and frustration. I’m not so sure, but the results are what they are, and so we’ll have to live with the fallout for the next two years.

One thing I will say is that this election truly represents the triumph of anger, propaganda, and the Big Lie over objective reality. After eight years of the corruption and ineptitude of George W. Bush, the American Sheeple have allowed themselves to be convinced that Barack Obama is now solely responsible for the mess we’re in…after only two years in office. Of course, if Democrats weren’t afraid of their own shadow, if they could have acted instead of reacted, we likely would be having a much different conversation this morning.

I’m upset, disappointed, and more than a little disillusioned this morning…but I’m certainly not surprised. To paraphrase a very wise man, you’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American Sheeple. And if you believe that Americans get exactly the quality of representation they deserve…well, even you should be surprised that our standards (and our attention span) are so low."

Damn…I’m really going to have to turn this into a gardening blog…"

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  1. Just go to City Hall if you want to start a compose pile.