Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunday Beer Tasting In Pomona

I was pretty much a faithful follower of Brother Tibbi's Sunday School when the gospe, err, uh tastings were held at DBA256. Since his departure from that establishment, my liver, palate & soul has felt lost in the world. Sure I've ventured to strange places in the world to quench my desire for the latest and greatest Ale of the world, but yet, couldn't go to the usual confessional to speak of my sins.

I remember speaking to the Perdomo brothers over at St. Joey's BBQ about perhaps allowing Brother Tibbi to continue his teachings at their cathedr, uh, bar. Brother Tibbi himself said the idea wasn't bad, but it seemed he had other callings to deal with for the moment.

Time went on...

Lo and behold! I found out recently through the pages of Ye Ol' Facebook, that this task I hoped for has come true. These are Brother Tibbi's own words:

"Sunday School with Brother Tibbi is this Sunday the 21st at 5:00pm. Be there or be like the storm trooper who eventually realized that those WERE the droids he was looking for."

So come by and check it out. Just walk in, sit and enjoy a tasty brew even if for a bit. Spread the word!

Sunday Nov. 21st 2010, Joey's BBQ 117 W. 2nd Street (corner of Garey Ave & 2nd) Pomona, CA 91766. Call if you have any questions, you can ask for Oscar (909)865-0699

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