Thursday, November 18, 2010

Original Skrip, The Blog.

Here I am sitting with a weak cup of coffee in the late afternoon. I stopped to think for a moment, wow, I think I've been doing this 'blog' thing for a while now. I believe I officially started in February or March of 2009. That would mean in about 3 months this blog will be 2 years old.

Is this a good thing or bad thing? I don't know. I remember right before I blogged wanting to write about things that crossed my mind; community/local issues, art & graphic design, gardening, beer, politics and general rantings. I started with more of a gardening side, along with things between Los Angeles and Pomona. I then found an interest in strange & interesting stuff around the world as well.

A good friend (writer) suggested to me not to get into politics on my blog. I respect his experience and try to hold myself back as much as I can. I prefer to laugh at 'general politics' when I find it funny and silly. But I am very much into social causes, local and worldwide. I've decided if I am to go more into the political discussion world, perhaps a separate blog for that would entail (Right Cliff?).

I want to keep Original Skrip as a general ranting blog for the area as originally started. I truly care about Los Angeles County, as well as our state and nation. Being born in Hollywood, living throughout Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley, and now Pomona Valley, I've really learned to love the area (and hate it too). I am also a very deep historian for the Southwest U.S. and Northwest Mexico area. We have such beautiful history in these parts and perhaps I will add some of that knowledge to my blog.

I remember stories from my Grandfather, telling me of his father's tale of working in California and riding a horse for days through the rocky cactus area of Los Angeles/San Fernando. And also knowing that my wife's Paternal roots are now 8th generation Californio.

You still might catch a silly political joke here and there, but deep stuff, nah, I want to enjoy myself. I did enjoy my past support for Tim Saunders, that was personal. It's interesting to learn how some people play politics locally. I will from time to time, support a local candidate or cause, it's only natural. My next support will be for the upcoming re-election of Jose Huizar for Los Angeles 14th District.

Also, thanks to all the fellow bloggers that I have on my Around Town links. Without you guys, none of this would be possible. We all make a strong community and I enjoy visiting you guys and helping to spread the word for you. This is what makes us great!

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