Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Teabagger Candidates... LOL

Pay attention to where these Tea Party loons want to take this country, disregard Keith's excitement while explaining. Seriously listen.

If you want take this country backwards, I suspect you'd probably vote for these guys. The future of this country is in dangerous harm. Idiocracy, here we come!


  1. Why do they take advantage of gov't services while being opposed them? by the words spoken in this video above: until post collapse or titanic reform or revolution, for many, corrupt gov’t is clearly often their mobile resupply pod in the form of gov't handouts -- their enemy is their quartermaster. Yeah, I'm tea party supporter, BIG TIME. The gov't needs to be as very tiny as possible. We need to be supporting each other as a community, NOT using bloated, potentially corrupt gov't.

  2. I hear ya Goga. I know alot of these so called 'Tea Party' people personally who talk about small gov't, yet they all take advantage of Gov't services. I guess they only want it for themselves and not others. Crazy huh?

    Like I've said before, not all of them are crazy, but just like any big movement, you're gonna have some crazy ones in there. Unfortunately for me, I've met and see mostly the crazies. There are a few genuinely good people there too, just not enough.