Wednesday, November 3, 2010

District 5 Winner

Looks like Tim might have lost this one :(

According to the results, here is the outcome.

GINNA E ESCOBAR....1,449....36.95%
TIM SAUNDERS....1,377....35.11%
JORGE GRAJEDA....830....21.16%
INGRID E LUEVANO....266....6.78%

Registration for District: 9,652
Precincts Reporting 11
Total Precincts 11
% Precincts Reporting 100

Wow, only 3,922 out of 9,652 voted in this election for District 5! So if this is offical, looks like Tim Saunders lost by 72 votes. Oh boy! I guess if you have firefighters knocking on doors spreading lies and fear, it works.

Regardless, I wish the best for Ginna Escobar, who I have met before. I guess the mayor gets one 'dissenter' out in order to keep order and HIS rule of law. I do hope that Ginna does the right thing for District 5 and the City of Pomona, not the Mayor & County's soldout Pomona.

Also, a pleasure to meet Ingrid tonight. She seemed pretty nice and honest, but since she wasn't paraded around by Mayor Moochie or County/Union interests, no one really voted for her. Next time Ingrid, next time.

And Tim Saunders, what a great guy. I know you'll still be involved in Pomona politics and the community, and I wish you the best. It's hard to win on honesty nowadays. I guess this city needs to be back in the dumps once again so the people can revolt. It looks like backward is the way for this country in general this election.

Don't worry everyone else, there is some stuff happening in the very near future where 'City of Bell-like' things will be coming out. In a way, I'm glad Tim isn't part of the council, as everyone will want them ALL OUT soon.

Okay, enough politics. Frickin' commercials were practically giving me an ulcer! Since the Lakers are back, looks like Southwest commercials will once again drive us nuts. Want to get away?


  1. If rumors are true, those fraudulently fixing our elections, oh they make it look like it was such a close race don't they?

  2. Well I hope this young girl who obviously is not mature enough to know not to steal someones campaign signs with her boyfriend can do a good job. I am so sad that Tim did not win. He was really doing some great things for our district. Unfortunately many of the people that voted for other candidates don't keep their kids in our schools, therefore they don't understand now much Tim has done.

  3. It's very sad to see someone, who brought out dirty politics on a local level, steal the win along with the signs. I'm glad that our taxpayer dollars are paying for the fire department to go door to door to spread hateful handouts. If the fire department did anything that day, they proved to me that they are not necessary in our area. If they feel that campaigning for someone is more important than ensuring our safety (response time 5 minutes, right?) then they are not needed.

    I love my city. The quality of life has increased in the last few years. If you don't believe me, you should have been here in the 90s. I'm sorry to say that I feel we got it wrong this time. Hopefully she proves me wrong, but it's doubtful.

  4. Interesting to see the youth involved in Pomona, but I think there is a real question as to whether they are independent thinkers or puppets of Local 1014.

    And to personally steal signs is really stupid. All candidates have "black ops" type folks to dig dirt, steal signs, etc. I did opposition research in my youth, for instance. But you never have your fingerprints on this stuff.

  5. omg noo... this is bs.. this dumb girl ginna escober or whatever is going to ruin our distric she isnt going to do anything... she even put an unauthorized campain sign in my yard !!! she shouldnt of won... shes probably doesnt even know what shes doing!

  6. Sarcastic comment proves nothing. I'll add that someone who is willing to sink to the level that she did for a local campaign is someone not to be trusted. If you don't believe that the appointed council members in an area have any say in the decisions of the community, you truly are an idiot.

    Let's talk about her accomplishments:

    Volunteer? I've done it and haven't boasted about it.

    Speech champion? What's the need for speech in working towards the progression of a district?

    Miss Pomona? Do I need to ask why that was an important mark on her resume of accomplishments?

    Does it bother anyone else that she has not yet thanked the voters for electing her? I've seen Thank You signs in other areas from the other elected members.

    Tim Saunders accomplishments:

    Lower crime rate? check

    New Businesses in District 5? check. In fact, the original people who were going to open in the Grand Mart location backed out, so Tim Saunders found another business to take its place.

    Not sinking to the level of dirty politics for a district election? check

    If you don't know the issues, please refrain from making asinine, sarcastic comments.

  7. On the other hand, this crap about being a "young girl" is a bit annoying. She's 23, and not some doe-eyed teenager. I think people in District 5 just wanted a change, and didn't really "feel" Tim. I think that, like folks in District 1 are getting with Danielle, there might be buyer's remorse, but that's the voters decision. Not yours.