Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd Street Cigars

No, not on 2nd Street in Downtown Pomona, but on 2nd Street in Downtown Los Angeles.

I was there for a fundraiser last Thursday and it was a blast. Dignity Cigars was hosting the event for the Youth Speak Foundation. There were also a variety of Red and White wines, as well as cheeses to go with it. Here are some shots of the event:

For more information on 2nd Street Cigars, visit their website.

Photos by Rudy Espinoza


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog,My first experience with a cigar was two years ago when i was at a company meeting.

  2. I've been smoking a cigar for 2 years. It's relaxing especially where you in a stress day. trying to get relax and release the pain inside your body. Taking 2-3 sticks is good for everyday!

  3. Normally I delete SPAM comments. But I find these 2 previous ones funny. The first hails from India and the second from the Philippines.

    They want you to click on their profile names, which will link you directly to a cigar site.

    The sad part part is we're even 'outsourcing' our good'ol American SPAM to other countries!

    I'd like to also point out the 'Two year' cigar line... that's amusing.

    Now I'm just waiting for one from China.