Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Artwalk & Other Things

The kids were off this past Friday, so it made for a very long weekend. Made some time to attend the Pomona ArtWalk and it was a wonderful one. The area was packed, especially with Snoop Dogg performing at the Fox. The Art was incredible too, lots of new stuff, especially the Bunny Gunner with it's 'All You Can Eat' Art buffet. Ran into some old time friends and had a few drinks around town as usual. Ern's Loft Beats was happening too!

While on my little 'walk and drink', I got word that there will be a place in downtown Pomona serving NOTHING BUT American Made Microbrews on tap. I am excited and my palate and liver are doing flips over this. I was told this will happen as soon as the last drip of Newcastle is finished from tap. I will keep you posted as to when this happens.

What else is in the news? I'd like to congratulate the city of Baldwin Park's Sierra Vista High School 'DONS' for their great basketball season. The Freshman and JV teams won league, and the Varsity is playing their CIF Playoff game at home against St. Francis on Wednesday 7pm. Varsity finished 2nd in the Montview league, with a 12-2 league record.

(Delan Diaz of Sierra Vista HS)

What else, what else... hmmm. I'm a little upset with politics locally right now, but I'll get over it soon and I hate to vent this second. On a lighter note, it was recently my Birthday and I received $75 in gift cards for BEVMO. There, that made me S M I L E !

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day yesterday (if you care for it).

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