Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Bill For Unemployed 99ers

As many of you are or may know someone who's been unemployed for a while now, it's good to hear that some in Congress are trying to introduce a bill to help the 99'ers. These are those who have exhausted all their unemployment benefits and are no longer collecting. The bill is to add another extension of 14 weeks to everyone.

Most of the 99'ers have worked in between (like myself) but the jobs are temporary or aren't long term for many reasons. I have a relative who has had 3 jobs since being laid off his main job for about 1 1/2 years. The jobs lasted only 2-4 months due to cuts at work. So back they go to unemployed and searching. The most wonderful thing about the benefits is that this money is pumped right back into the economy keeping it rolling, it's the most effective way.

The 'give the super rich tax breaks and it'll create jobs' is plain bullshit. You give them more money and they keep more money. Just look at how much cash is being held by corporations today, more than ever in history! Not to mention record profits continuing for them...

Anyways, here's the article from the: L.A. Times.

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