Friday, February 18, 2011

Double Bevmo Visit

My birthday has passed now, about 2 weeks ago to be exact. I received 2 wonderful gifts from my sisters, $75 total in Gift Cards to BevMo. While I generally go to BevMo for their awesome wine sales, I don't frequent them as much as Liquorama and Walnut Liquors for quality microbrews.

I started off with a trip to the BevMo in Rancho Unga-Bunga (Cucamonga). I figured, okay, this is the I.E., there ain't shit to do out here so I'm assuming there might be plenty of beer connoisseurs out here. I realized it must be inventory day, the store seemed rather small and it just so happened they were working in the beer section. The isles were small and it felt crowded, especially with the annoying worker going back and forth without saying excuse me or anything. I also noticed alot of their beers were past their prime and dusty. Some beers noted 'drink by November 2010'. Yuck... so I spent alot of time not only looking at varieties, but pulling bottles out for dates. They either state the day their made or when to drink by for best flavor. I wanted to try the Alaskan IPA 6-pack, but the date freaked me out. I ended up settling for a 22oz of it, along with some Big Sky IPA from the state of Montana. Grabbed an Alesmith IPA 22oz for tasting as well.

While I was there, 2 tall blondes were looking for beers in the same aisle. As I mentioned, it was crowded just with us. Lo and behold, I hear a 'pop' and 'smash' and witness one of the girls drop a 22oz. of Coastal Fog. Cleanup on aisle microbrews please! Dingbats... I left the store and wasn't satisfied with it, this one sucks. I guess I.E. loves their monster drinks, domestic beer and sideways flat bill caps.

Later that evening, I drove to the BevMo in Glendora. Ah, this one seems a little more roomier and the staff is pretty friendly. Walked towards the back where the beer section was once again. The aisles were a bit wider and there was a worker doing the inventory/stock thing again. This guy was courteous as he worked. I asked him questions and he was very helpful. He didn't mind stopping and helping me look for something, or to even explain his experience with the brews. I felt at home here... although some beer here also was past its prime as well.

Left home with a Moose Drool Brown Ale 6-ack from Montana, Deadlift Imperial IPA 4-pack, Lagunitas IPA 6-pack, Coastal Fog IPA 12-pack, Sam Adams Noble Pils 6-pack, several Stone 22oz and others. The staff was friendly all the way to the register. They probably thought I was some kind of drunk buying all this beer.

Nah, I'm just stashing away in the garage for the Spring to come backyard BBQs. I will however, sift a taste of these fine brews tonight with the wife!


  1. So, Walnut Likker is the alternative to Likkerama for good microbrew? Good to know -- I'll have to check it out.

    Total Wine (also in Rancho KuklaFran&Ollie) has a pretty good selection too, last I checked. But I haven't been there in a while -- we're still rationing out the 20 sixpacks of fine Colorado brew we brought home from our roadtrip.

  2. Bevmo - Home of expired beer and "right wine/wrong vintage" wines.

    I try to avoid that place.

    Wine Exchange in Orange or LA Wine Co. are great resources for wine - although a longer drive.

    I'll also have to try Walnut Liquor for beer.
    Do they have Racer 5?

  3. Yes, they have Racer 5. I think the correct name is Walnut Liquorette.

    The only reason I went to BevMo is because I had 'gift cards', otherwise I'd only go for cheap but somewhat decent wine.