Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joyland, Abandoned Amusement Park

Located in Wichita, Kansas, Joyland has been closed down since 2006. Nature is slowly reclaiming the place and there is a collection of photos over at Buzzfeed.com which showcase pictures of the abandoned park.

View more by visiting the site.


  1. So, I grew up in Wichita and remember taking my report card to Joyland for free tickets according to my grades. That rollercoaster was scary even when it was in running condition.... Do you have a particular connection to Wichita or Joyland?

  2. No particular connection. I am a fan of old abandoned places and their creepy auras. Every once in a while I like posting things about 'Strange Places'.

    It is wonderful to hear a local has a connection to this place. Good grades = Tickets! Ah, the good old days. Now for good grades/citizen of the month, my daughter gets a free burger at In & Out! I'm sure Joyland would have been more fun.

  3. My mom grew up in Wichita so we spent a lot of summers there and alway went to the octoberfest at joyland and rode rides. I loved the round-up and I was an ace at pitching dimes. I always took home a box full of glasswares. It breaks my heart to see JoyLand looking this way. I have so many fond memories there. That rollercoaster was the first one I ever road. I dont understand why it was abandoned and is now in disrepair.