Monday, May 23, 2011

Stolen Banners, $200 Reward

The DPOA is offering a $200 reward for information leading to the identity, arrest and conviction of the knuckleheads who stole the new Downtown Pomona banners. Any information received will be held in strict confidence. To date, 18 banners have been stolen.

For more information, visit Metro Pomona.

This is just really a shame... but I'm not surprised. I think lately the downtown has had events that are attracting more and more riff-raff and people who do these kinds of things. It's bound to happen when a little gem of an area starts getting known. Pomona is not singled out in this, it happens in Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles to name a few.

We need to go back to the type of Art town it was. But easier said than done, because it is a bit more complicated. In fact, it's complex with the mix of bureaucracy, business, profits, galleries, vendors, donations and so many things.

Regardless, make a quick $200 and email metropomona. They'll keep everything confidential.

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