Friday, May 27, 2011

Claremont Friday Night Live Continues!

This little event is a very relaxing and fun place to go with the family. I've been to a few with the kids and they love it. They love hanging out and playing on the grass, or perhaps taking little strolls through the little old downtown and buying things like ice cream and visiting the little shops. I personally am a fan of the Claremont Voodoo Society which does play on some Friday Nights, they are an awesone band. Here's some more info:

From Claremont Now:

"The unmistakable musical sounds of Friday Nights Live will continue to reverberate through the quaint Claremont Village here through Oct. 28.

On a recent Friday, scattered blasts of guitars, drums and vocals shot through The Public Plaza at 101 N. Indian Hill Blvd. and the nearby Claremont Chamber of Commerce at 205 Yale Ave.

On May 13, the blues and folk rock of Claremont Voodoo Society played at the Public Plaza off Indian Hill while the American and blues sounds of Mystic Knights Trio performed at the chamber building off Yale.

"We love the music and being outside," said Claremont resident Patty Bogle as she sat next to her husband Tim Bogle at the Public Plaza. The couple, who have been married for 20 years, said they have been coming to the music series since 2005 and hadn't missed more than five or so days.

Nearby, Pomona resident Cary Augustine agreed with the couple's positive assessment of the event.

"I'll walk around here and see the other band, too," he said."

You can read some more detailed information over @Claremont Now.

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