Friday, February 27, 2009

The City of Mont Claremona

Well, not really. It's 3 cities forming a "T". In Between the row of palm trees, you have the City of Pomona (left) and the City of Claremont (right). All while standing in the City of Montclair across the street. I'm also standing in another county to top it off. All in this little quiet spot that no one ever thinks about. Here's a tip to save money, shop for groceries on this side, the taxes are less than L.A. County, and will be even less after the new tax rate hits.
(Click picture to enlarge)


  1. So you live in the "American" area of the city. Any chance you guys want to become a historic district? At one time that area was proposed as a prime example of mid-century suburban architecture, ripe for a district. But then someone decided to take you off the map.

    Ahhh life in Pomona.

  2. Goddess, it is American Ave between Indian Hill and Mills.

    John, I can see why it would be historic, but due to some 'new owners' who dont maintain their properties and the slew of new renters in between, i don't see it happening. There are alot of good owners who care about the area, but not enough to get it done I would presume.