Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pasadena's Historic Trees To Be Destroyed!

I read over at Isaac's Blog that Pasadena is in the process of removing over a dozen of these large ficus trees around Colorado Boulevard. I've worked in Pasadena for many years and recall walking for lunch in our hot summers. These trees were a blessing! It's a shame because I'm sure this all comes down to money. Either the city is cutting back on maintenance or the businesses are using the trees as an excuse for not generating money. When we all know it's the economy in general. A shame, it's a part of history.

Click the picture for more killing scenes:


  1. Hey Skrip,
    Thanks for the compliments! It does seem crazy that people would cut down such big, beautiful trees. Unfortunately, the real tragedy is that the right tree wasn't planted there in the first place. I see this situation so often, where trees have been planted with very little knowledge about their particular characteristics.
    I know most figs have incredible roots, which lift paving and roads, seek out drains and water pipes, creating a nuisance unless they have room to grow. I guess, they are like big dogs that are kept confined in a small space?

  2. Not proper maintenance of this type of tree. Now, they may replace them, but not with a better tree.

  3. Skrip, Ross is right. I'm familiar with these trees. and they are right to being ripping up the sidewalk ALONG with the streets. Those roots of that ficus particularly are MASSIVE!