Saturday, June 27, 2009

Around The Garden

Good morning everyone! I'm off to work a few hours on my backyard Hummingbird painting today. I got a few snaps around the garden this morning. It's not a fancy camera but oh well...

The grapes are doing well up above:

The apple is starting to get bigger:

There's a lonely Echinacea bloom in between the Wallflower Leaves, how'd that happen?:

And there's this purple blossom in front of the Elephant Ears whose name I completely forgot. Does anyone know the name of this plant? No, it is not the Sea Lavender either, this one is smaller and more fragile:

1 comment:

  1. Your blue flower is a plant you purchased at The Garden it is called Sellago serrata and is a rare plant from south africa. It is a butterfly attractant and is drought tolerant beautiful picture. Thanks for your support.
    Forever, Dawn