Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday it is...

Whew... what a drive. Traffic was almost as bad as Wednesday's Lakers CarFlag Rush Hour. Almost 2 hours after the drive, I got off Indian Hill and headed straight to StarBucks for that caffeine rush. Ahhh... I'm home with a Mocha Frap and Air Conditioning.

I'd like to mention a big Happy Birthday to A.S. Ashley, an artist who resides in the cool Arts Colony of Pomona. I'm a day late but I'm sure he can't wait for his Mexican Mudslide tonight (It's a drink, not a trip to baja & vendor tacos). You can visit his Myspace page by Clicking Here.

If I don't head out to Montclair for a late night movie, I will more than likely be at the DBA256. I've got a long weekend starting tomorrow morning... sports, parties, and more parties.

Take care all and GO LAKERS! You did it!


  1. i bet if you rode your bike to the train station and took the train and rode the bike home you'd be home in less time.

  2. You know I honor ALL rain-checks, so I'll be ready to collect my drink anytime!