Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Pomona ArtWalk Time, Baby!

As usual, and once again proudly... The official 2nd Saturday ArtWalk in Downtown Pomona is here tonight!

Pomona Arts Colony: More information on a few of the art exhibits can be found by Clicking Here.

You can also visit the gorgeous Metro Pomona website for more info.

Get out of the house for once tonight and head on over here! 6pm until whenever your feel like leaving. Come see the work of many Artists, it's a buffet of Art! Speaking of, stay and have a nice dinner at Joeys, 2nd St Bistro, Aladdin jr, and other venues. Have a drink over at the posh DBA256 WineBar and/or Acerogami (Glass House bar).

Just get to the 10 freeway in any direction. Exit on Garey Avenue and head south. Once you go under the train bridge the next street is 2nd street. Make a right and you're here!

Get your online printable .PDF map by Clicking Here.

Also, there's an area of the ArtWalk that always gets left out, and its 1/4th of the whole ArtWalk! Read more about it at the Daily Bulletin.

1 comment:

  1. We did have a blast!

    Nice seeing you again, Skrip, and thanks for all the notices!