Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Wednesday all & Good Luck Thursday DPOA!

Amidst the freak thunderstorm of last night and a gloomy day (YAY!), it's frickin' Wednesday once again. I missed the Pomona City Council meeting Monday night (L.A. traffic BABY!), but it looks like we were over 100 people strong in support of the DPOA. Metro Pomona's Blog, Pomona Art's Colonists Blog, and M-M-M-My Pomona Blog all have more info and updates on all the happenings regarding the DPOA and the City Council. Looks like they've moved it to Thursday, when one councilmember who couldn't attend Monday and is likely to be against the DPOA will be there, and another councilmember who WAS THERE Monday and supports the DPOA will not. I've given the new mayor the benefit of the doubt, although I have a gift of reading people and he doesnt seem 'right' for us, I still hope he understands what is happening downtown. That's all I'm going to say, and if needed, I'm ready to help the people of the Art's Colony and DPOA at full force if the same stinkiness of Norma Torres's bullshit continues.

That aside, I hope this little raindrop tease and cool weather continues, April and May of no rain is just insane. And now in June we get something, very tiny, but SOMETHING.


  1. I'll be there to support DPOA! Whoo Hoo!

  2. June 4th, 6PM sharp!

    And don't be late filling out your speaker cards, they will stop excepting them once the meeting begins.

  3. Skrip, why don't you tell us what you really feel? ;-)

    Hope to see you tonight. It's even earlier than Monday's meeting so hope you're able to fight the traffic in time.

  4. Be there in support of the BID's renewal. I worked with many BIDs in Los Angeles and have seen how they revitalize downtown areas. See you guys at the next Art Walk.

  5. J.Clifford, LOL, I guess I was pretty honest on my post without realizing it. I have a good feeling about the DPOA's bid.

    dontranquilino, thanks for your support from the westside/beachside of Los Angeles! Can't wait to go hit those ArtWalks in the west soon! and bars too... hehe.