Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pomona's ArtWalk TONIGHT!

Yes siree! It's here once again, the 2nd Saturday ArtWalk in Downtown Pomona. I was out last night as I usually do to have my pre-artwalk Friday drink at the DBA Winebar. Well, it felt like an Artwalk night due to the fact that the DBA had a concert series of bands, and the Fox had Sonic Youth playing a block away. So my usually mellow Friday was a party night once again.

Tonight, I will be taking the Mrs. to enjoy walking around the cool galleries taking in Art and of course, some wine & brews. A 3 mile cab is all I need!

Anyways, I'm pressed on time right now, but you can do a search here on my blog for maps & info related to ArtWalk, or go to the fantastic Metro Pomona Website and get more info there.

See ya tonight!

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