Friday, January 15, 2010

White Rascal Wheat Ale

I call 2009, the year of those regular beer drinkers who jumped on the 'wheat' beer bandwagon. It was a great year for Coor$ indeed, with their Blue Moon wheat style beer. A decent brew, but nothing really special. Heck, this made Budweiser launch it's Bud Light Wheat Beer, which I now realize is pretty gross if you drink more than 3. And of course, the regular Hefenweizen's from Widmer and Pyramid that we see everywhere. Not a bad year at all for many of you wheaty-brews.

I've had a 'White Rascal' in the past several times, poured by my favorite beer guy, Tibbi (of the Blurry Memoirs blog). The problem was that my palate was jacked by the time I drank it, as I've always been drinking other Ales, Lagers etc. right before. It was still pretty good.

Let's see how this Belgian style wheat will do for me. I pour it into a glass, leaving just a bit in the bottle to pour after my first sip. Wow, what a clean, strong yet smooth taste. You can taste the orange and coriander, but this time it tastes RIGHT. Whoa... Impressive, let me pour the rest. Sip again, nice. Dare I say it? I think this is the best of the bunch when it comes to Wheat Ales.

This White Rascal is made by Avery of Colorado. American-made and it kicks serious behind. Strongly recommended! Let me pick an orange and throw a slice in (i know some of you do this). Oh yeah, nice, but you don't really need to. Score? I dunno, my scoring system is useless... but between all the wheat beer I've had before, I give this a 9 out of 10. No other wheat beer I've had can pass an 8.

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