Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Retro Pics & Thoughts

This is just a post about random retro pictures. I have no story for these, I do not know who these people are or who took them. There's some nostalgia to these photos that I find strange and wonderful.

Well, it reminds me of my very early childhood, meaning these were the 'big people' as a little kid in the 70s. Hollywood, Los Angeles, Castaic, Downey, Culver City, Placerita Canyon, Van Nuys, San Diego and traveling around California, just places/people that I would see everywhere with dreams. There's something about them that almost speaks to me.

I think I'm just really tired tonight from a long day. My body is achy from my new exercise routine. I also woke up very early today and I got no power naps. And No, it's not drugs, I don't do them. And it's not beer either, gotta wait til Friday for a few.

Anyways, weird, it's just one of those strange nights for me tonight...

Nervous juvenile
What became of you?
Did that swift eclipse
Torture you?

A star at eighteen
And then - suddenly gone
Down to a few lines
In the back page
Of a faded annual
Oh, but I remembered you
I remembered you.

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