Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Day Is It?

Doesn't matter because Friday is always here and it begins again. I've been inspiring to paint again, but with the heavy remodel work this week at home, not to mention my other home duties, it seems like I run out of time. My work search is also in the mix this year, it's crazy to say but I am a very busy unemployed man. Hopefully not for long, some stuff is in the pipes.

Anyways, looks like some drops of what do ya call it, oh yeah, WATER hit the ground today. Not enough, just some vapor on the ground, but I'll take it. The last 3 weeks have been unusually warm during the day, it hit above 80 a few times. The cooling wet feel is wonderful, last time it rained was 12/11/2009.

I was driving around today with the thought 'MORE PLANTS, LESS PEOPLE'. I am sick of the constant butchering of beautiful trees, who have been here longer than the people cutting them. Here, check out this massacre:

You wonder why it's so hot, you wonder why the air is so bad, you wonder why there are so many cancers in the air, you wonder why there isnt much avarian life in your neighborhood... But yet, you want to add cement for more space or you dont want to deal with leaves 'cause they are messy in winter. But it's so hot in the summer and you dont have A/C, or if you do, you can't use it because So.Cal Edison is robbing you blind with their inhuman rates.

Plant a tree if you can, place it where it can shade you, take care of your existing trees. Unless they are destroying your home's foundation and/or critical pipes, keep'em. We need them, they add value and lower crime. There's a peace to them. No I am not a tree hugging liberal or whatever side you want to paint me. I do enjoy plants and appreciate them. It's funny how all the bad parts of any town have LESS trees than the nicer ones. Interesting isn't it?

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