Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Claremont Hills Wilderness Park

The kids are on Spring Break so we decided to drive up 5 mins to Claremont's Wilderness Park. What a lovely day for a hike! The weather was nice and there was a breeze. It's so nice that stuff like this is nearby. We did the full 5 mile trail in 2 hours. Of course, we stopped to rest and have some water & snacks at the mid-point. And yes, we carry ALL OUR trash down with us. I applaud Claremont for taking care of nature and making such beautiful land like this available for all to enjoy. At certain points on this hike, you will encounter oaks and some creeks, but most of the trail is very exposed to the sun. In other words, I wouldn't hike here in the summer.

It is very well maintained and there isn't too much sign of riff-raff around here. Perhaps due to it being Wednesday, but still. What I mean is the ruining of nature such as graffiti on rocks and signs. That includes littering of bottles and trash. That really pisses me off whenever I see it, such as Eaton Canyon and other nearby forests/natural parks. Again, Claremont does well to maintain this area. You can still see some remains of the recent Claremont fire in the last picture below.

I recommend this trail for anyone who enjoys hiking and the outdoors, but needs to be nearby (just in case). A very family friendly area where you can take strollers with good wheels. Dogs are welcome as long as they're leashed and license is displayed. To get there go up Mills Ave (north) from Foothill Blvd. in Claremont. Again, I'd go now when the weather is 70-80 degrees.

View towards Baldy (East)

View towards San Dimas (West)

Some fire victims of recent


  1. Great pictures but the way things are going we might have to start bring a trash bag along with us when we go walking in our great parks you know with all the cut backs.We must teach our kids that we are the ones that must take car of our parks so others like you and your kids can enjoy them in the years to come keep up the good work I can dig it..B^)

  2. We enjoy that hike, too, though I haven't been up there yet this spring. Your post reminds me to get a moving :)

  3. this is a wonderful way to get great exercise. i went on this trail 3 times and i can't wait until tomorrow to go again.