Monday, April 5, 2010

Support Pomona's Police Dept. Tonight!

Just got info on a council meeting in Pomona to discuss the possibility of contracting out police services to LASD. This has been a long standing rumor, and some say it's a done deal. Come out tonight to the council meeting at 6:45pm (City Hall) to support Pomona PD. I will definitely be there.

There's a more detailed write up over at M-M-M-My Pomona Blog.

Funny thing is, mysteriously the city of Pomona's website, has been down ALL weekend including Friday and today too. Maybe that way we can't pull the agenda for tonight's meeting? Hmm... smells fishy.

The hearing was apparently postponed until April 19th. There were too many supporters and all had something to say. We'll make the 19th an even bigger showing of support for Pomona PD!


  1. Yup, the website is still down. Grrrr.

  2. Well gee who ever thought that was coming when they see things not going their way they take two steps back the council and Mayor Moochie didn`t think that we do not support our police. Goes to show you they are out of touch with the people of Pomona so like what else is new I still have the tar and feathers for the Mayor so anytime you are ready lets do it.