Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Widmer's Deadlift Imperial IPA

As a huge fan of Widmer's Pale Ale, I was bewildered to hear about this new IPA. I was taking a stroll on some business through downtown Pomona this late afternoon. I decided to pop my head in at my old favortie wine/beer bar, DBA256 Winebar Gallery. And who do I see behind the bar, good ol' Johnny Barr, one of the coolest dudes you can meet. Sat down to say hello and he asked what I would like. I said, I dunno, gimme a sip of that '7 Year Itch' by Dale Bros. He then told me, hey, have you tried 'Deadlift IPA'? I said no, what's that? Is it good? As he grabbed it and poured into a glass, he said, hell yeah.

I took a good look at he bottle, with a beautiful logo that can pass as a decent tattoo (I'm a logo freak btw). I also, noticed it was 8.6% alcohol. Wowserz!!!

I took my first sip and slowly let it go down. This is purely IPA heaven!! It has that great hoppiness that you come to expect, but it washes down oh so smooth and lightly citrusy. This thing is frickin' awesome. It's like Widmer's 'Drifter' done even better! I kept saying 'wow this is good' after every drink. I must say, as a fan of Stone Brewing, this one is up there. In fact, this could be my favorite IPA so far.

I STRONGLY recommend Widner's Deadlift Imperial IPA' if you want an IPA with good hoppiness that doesn't overwhelm your taste buds and you can't even taste the 8.6% alcohol either. I haven't done the research as to when it was released or where it's sold, but if you can find it, grab it! I give it a 5 out 5 stars, a perfect IPA!

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