Thursday, October 28, 2010

Election District 5 - Pomona, Phillips Ranch, Westmont

I wanted to put up a little post about the current election happening for City Council in District 5. I just want to tell residents of the area, to simply Vote For Tim Saunders. Why? Because this is the ONLY person in the council who is 100% for the people of his district and the city. This is the kind of person you want to represent you, he truly is a people's person and does what is best for everyone. He isn't like some current people who run around town feeling that they deserve 'entitlement'.

Unfortunately, The 2 people running against Tim Saunders (Jorge Grajeda & Ginna Escobar), will only make Pomona into the mess it was with Norma Torres. And we all know what happens in cities like Bell, CA. You should have heard them speak at the forum, you would have laughed your ass off.

Do not buy their lies to get your vote. I do not want to sit here and tell you the things I am aware of these particular candidates. Do your research and connect the dots, it's pretty simple.

Generally, I don't get all involved with local elections and stuff, because it is all political bureaucratic crap. But when I see a good person, truly one who isn't in it for the self-interest and 'entitlement' like many others, I say something. It's a rare thing.

People of District 5, Tim Saunders is rare gem you get once in a blue moon, just like George Hunter would have been a truly great Mayor if it wasn't for the dirty politics and tactics of 'certain' people. These are the same people behind some of these candidates.

And now I'm off to a nice cup of coffee and dreaming for a better Pomona... (while I still live here)

Endorsed by Pomona PD


  1. We just have to sit back and watch Mayor Moochie shoot himself in the foot over and over again it can't get better then this or can it lol.

  2. is there proof of the sign removal. I feel like dirty politics is going on here. There is a lot of personal sentiment going on here that I believe makes this a bias post and quite maybe Saunders himself. I do however hope it is not Mr. Saunders that wrote this because the grammar is horrible and was not at the very least checked for spelling errors.

  3. Yes, there is proof of the sign removal, video and pictures, but I didn't post them. And yes, this is personal sentiment and of course it's biased, I support Tim and this is MY PERSONAL blog. This isn't a PUBLIC blog. And no Mr. Saunders did not write this. And thank you for the grammar compliments, an informal rambling blog isn't necessarily the center of proper grammar. I never check for spelling errors and I'm proud of that!

    You can see some pictures of 'illegal' sign-posting on city property here (not my blog):

    Have a great day!

  4. Hello, hows it going? I came across your blog while trying to do some research on the westmont community of Pomona. I'm interested in buying a house around the area of w phillis dr and blue grass pl, overden pl, reggino pl, tornio pl. Is that a safe part of pomona? Is there gang activity in that area? Is it considered part of phillips ranch? Do the students in that area attend diamond ranch?

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Very Respectfully,