Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Lil' Politics On Measure SS

Not too happy about this measure on the ballot for Pomona. First off, back in March, a total of 321 preliminary layoff notices were issued to certificated employees. Then in May, the number had been reduced to 209.

More than 200 employees, including administrators as well as certificated and classified personnel, signed up for the early retirement incentive during that time. I don't have all the info, but it looks like alot of hard work was done.

"The district's $330.7 million budget includes a number of separate funds such as for child development and adult education.

The general fund -- totaling $225.1 million -- made up the largest part of the budget. The general funds pays for employee salaries and benefits as well as needs such as books, supplies and operating services.

Of the $225.1 million, about $90.5 million are restricted funds that can only be used for certain purposes such as special education or kindergarten to third grade class size reduction.

Salary negotiations allowed the district to save about $5.2 million.

Layoffs saved the district about $4 million, according to district budget information."

That last line, LAYOFFS SAVED THE DISTRICT ABOUT $4 MILLION, is my point. Not to mention the salary negotiations which also saved about $5.2 Million.

What does MEASURE SS cost? Here ya go...

The parcel tax would be $96/year for single-family residential properties and would last for four years. During the four years, it would generate about $4 million/year for the district. Multi-family properties with two to four units would pay $192 a year. Properties with 5 or more units would pay $480/year.

I am a property owner, and like many, am tired of paying such high yearly taxes to the county every year. Sure, $96 doesn't sound like much, but if we already laid off teachers and supposedly saved all this money, why are they trying to milk us for more money once again? I am in support for alot of things, but right now money is tight and this is something the state cannot even afford. In fact, the state told Pomona and other cities, go back home and tax your citizens if you want the money.

We also previously passed the MEASURE PS 2 years ago, which got us for $60 for every $100,000 of assessed value on our properties. And 2 years later, here we go again.

I applaud Jason Rothman and Andrew Wong for voting against it. It's just not a good time to be taxing people right now. In better times, it might be possible.

Anyways, a little politics blabbering on my part, it's my blog and I'm probably wrong, but the coffee was great this morning!

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