Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unemployed? We're Not Interested.

Ah, the heck with the unemployed. We're obviously useless because we would otherwise be working, right? People who are thinking like this come with special places in hell for them.

The best people are already working! Right, we left our jobs because we were bad employees... no, most of us have been laid off. I personally was one of the last after 10 rounds of layoffs from 2001-2008. It went from 148 employees to currently 19 in those years. But to morons like this, probably 'compassionate conservatives', they're not understanding the real reason for this.

The number of Americans who have been out of a job for a year or longer has reached a record 4.4 million, roughly equal to the population of Louisiana, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The grim numbers may partially be attributed to the fact that employers are still openly discriminating against the unemployed--especially the longterm unemployed-- when deciding who to hire.

Read the HuffPost story here.

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