Friday, October 15, 2010

Political Funnies


  1. Teabaggers and beyond (sovereignty/militia/common-law movement) does NOT = Republican party

    Gov't health care =
    a BIGGER baby-sitting gov't,
    a bloated health-care system,
    greater regulation hindering innovation, &
    destroying communities by putting everyone on life-support & in an even greater police state

    Gov't welfare for corporations =
    Bailing out the airlines,
    bailing out the banks,
    bailing out the auto-companies, &
    bailing out the oil companies by fighting their wars for more oil =
    More sick and deranged corporations on life-support who out of their minds export jobs overseas

    Bigger gov't and the republican party are not the answer. Keeping the streets clean and maintained, fire-engines at the ready when I need them, a military to DEFEND us against invasion, and law-enforcement (common-law that is) at hand to aiding me in resolving my disputes when I call for the gov't to aid me, are nearly all of what gov't should be for. Everything else is a waste.

  2. Goga, I like #2, but re: #1

    We've had a system in place where CORPORATE (health insurance companies) have been the ones baby sitting us. AND making a huge profit at it. Our heathcare has been rationed (if you have a lot of money, you get to the front of the line, if you have a little less, you wait for your care [if it's not denied altogether]), if you don't have any money, you die. So is that a better plan than having "We, the People" make the decisions?

    Just asking!

  3. LOL. The problem with many, not all, of the TeaPartiers nowadays is they're the ones who voted for and sat on their hands during the 8 years of the Bush Regime and did nothing while our country was being deregulated and Socialism was formed by and for corporations. Yeah, our tax dollars for the corporations and super rich only, not the American people. Plastering yellow ribbon magnets and pointing out those who were not 'patriotic' out.

    These are the same people who sat around and called John Kerry 'Frankenstein' and AL Gore a 'Robot'. Same ones who enjoyed watching Fox News for breakfast. Now a black president is here and it's so much easier to blame the new guy without thought. Now everything thats been happening is a problem for them. Seriously? And not to mention they are being funneled by the same corporate interests that want to destroy us as a people and make us a third world nation for profit of the very few.

    The government is for and by the people, but not anymore, because of these 'people' who are peddled talking points and mindless rhetoric and do nothing but vote against their own interest without realizing it.

    I wish there were like 6 parties, instead of 2 which really, leaves alot of us out. I usually just vote for the lesser of 2 evils, you really can't win. But I'd rather buy some time.