Friday, August 14, 2009

Around The Garden

Ok, I apologize for not posting much 'Garden' related pictures lately. In fact, I am in the garden so much nowadays relaxing with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine with the wife. There's nothing like sitting out on a cool evening around 7pm and opening a bottle of Hogue's Late Harvest Riesling and sipping away while watching the hummingbirds flutter around all the flowers. Anyways, sorry, getting carried away there, but darn it, there's no question that a nice garden is definitely food for the soul!

So here I am sitting with my coffee and I recalled that I haven't shared any pics of the garden. Well, the good camera is nowhere to be found, so I grabbed my crappy old Nikon coolpix and snapped away.

Click to enlarge any picture.

Here's a fairly new 'Begonia' that I've planted and is doing extremely well, it is in mostly shade, but as you can see it's getting it's share of afternoon sun:

The 'Impatiens' are definitely loving their share of sun & water. I love these plants, I planted them 2 years ago and they come back every year even bigger!

I planted this as an experiment is a bad area a few years ago. It was alive but dormant for most of the time. Now it has put on one incredible bloom. I introduce to you the 'Red Mexican Bird of Paradise':

This next little fellow is an interesting specimen. It is a fairly new introduction to the USA. Hailing from Australia, this is their 'F.C. Payne' plant. Althought the blooms are white, they start off in red and look like the little Nerds candies. Then they go lighter and turn into light blooms. Is that a giant dragonfly in the back? Actually, it's a Mother's Day gift from the kids to the wife:

I love the beautiful purple bloom of the 'Princess Flower'. I bought this plant 2 years ago in the clearance section at Home Depot for $1. It was dying and I figured I'l take my chances. I had tried planting this one before in my early gardening days, only to fail. My thumb is definitely very green nowadays and it shows. I love the look of this picture with the princess flower hovering over the bird bath:

And last but not least, a 'Queen Palm'. Yes, these are everywhere and heavily overused, I know. This one has a special personal meaning to me. I planted this perhaps in 5 locations, over and over, until I just left it where it is. It has grown wonderfully and I now hang this sign that will definitely take you there!

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