Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank Rocks!

Just caught a glimpse of the town hall style meeting with Rep. Barney Frank speaking about Healthcare. All I must say is FINALLY! Someone speaks to these morons straight up.

I hate to say most of America is stupid, I'd rather put it as they are 'easily led' by corporate media. Seeing as to we don't have time for much nowadays, our only so called 'news' for most is corporate run news. Until we understand how these so called 'news bits' are given or produced for the 'News', in addition to heavy corporate influence, leaning & lobbying, we'll always remained confused. So for now, we'll stay tuned for American Idol and things to distract us. Is Desperate Housewives on yet?

The other thing that gets me is that as Americans, we are so used to 2 sides only. What I mean is Us vs Them, Good guys & Bad Guys, Black & White, you get my drift. We tend to apply this to political thought. Nothing could be more wrong. I'm a middle of the roader, a moderate, and it drives me nuts how it is all linked into us or them. Insane... I'd get more into detail, but this is just a thought/rant I had after seeing this on TV right now.

Anyways, Barney Frank made my day!

UPDATE: Here's a small clip...


  1. I don't know if you can blame some of the wilder views on the corporate media. There are news sources out there that people use - news sources that believe that Fox News is a Trilateral/CFR/Communist tool, or alternatively that the Daily Kos is the Establishment's attempt to suppress the people.

    Which ties into your next point about a simple two-sides view of the world. The world is much more complex than that. Even the Republican Party, or the Democratic Party, is much more complex than that. But the heads of the two major political parties benefit every time that we simplify things into good guys vs. bad guys.

  2. I had seen also that was great