Thursday, August 27, 2009

Claremont / N.E. Pomona's Indian Hill Exit

Here's something I have wondered about, as perhaps some of you may also wonder (who live around here obviously). When you're on the 10 freeway eastbound and you exit on Indian Hill, the exit becomes 3 lanes. The first lane is to turn left, the second is to go straight, turn left or turn right, and the third lane is for a right turn. Have you been in the middle lane and wondered, can I turn right from this lane on a red? I know you can from the right lane, but this lane kind of leaves you puzzled. Oh yeah, some of those who turn right on that 3rd lane sometimes move into your lane when turning right... but thats another topic.

This question was answered by a CHP officer in the Whittier area where the same situation occurs, I have edited the street names to match our situation:

The motorist can legally make the right turn from the middle lane as long as traffic on Indian Hill is not affected by the right turn. However, the driver must make the right turn into the lane closest to the center median of Indian Hill.

A motorist in the No. 3 lane making the right turn must turn right into the lane closest to the curb on Indian Hill.

The right turn is legal because there are no posted signs prohibiting the right turn on a red signal light. I know there are other intersections that prohibit making a right turn on a red signal light. These signs are usually mounted on a post directly across the street and should be clearly visible to the motoring public. Please remember to drive safely, pay attention to traffic and, when approaching controlled intersections, look for other signs such as "No Turn on Red" or "Right Lane Must Turn Right."


  1. Oooh, I hate it when the right turners in Lane #3 turn into my Lane #2 right lane. I always use Lane #2 to turn right because I then need to go left on San Jose. Lane #3 right turners always seem to cut me off. Grrrrr.

  2. I remember when I first moved out here I did just that, use lane#3 and turned into #2's lane. I got honked at LOUD and then I realized what I had done. I am now doing this on purpose (turning right from the middle lane) to educate others. I'll honk and they'll freak out and then realize what they had done. I'm sure just like me, they'll know next time.

    Of course, I am careful and very precautious!

  3. Yep, you can make a right on red if the light is not an arrow. Learned that when they redid a freeway exit up here in NorCal right as I got my license.