Friday, August 28, 2009

Slim Chance & Long Hammer Beer

I don't do beer reviews normally, and although I love brews, I am no beer connoisseur either. I do read beer blogs, such as the local and personal favorite, Summer of Beers and also my good buddy Tibbi's Blurry Memoirs. Again, I am not even close to their beer knowledge.

But I do LOVE beers, I love to taste them and enjoy them, as I do fine wines. I also don't discriminate against the generic domestic brands, because I do not like to be one of those 'snotty' people who will criticize you holding your Bud Light. There's always many times and places, situations rather, that you are presented with simple domestics on ice. I will drink it and enjoy whatever the host gives, especially on a hot day and a good BBQ.

Heck, I fill my fridge with an 18 pack of Coors light, just cause it's light and it's cold and I can lug one around as I work around the house. Next thing you know I've downed 8 of them and I feel fine (REM song comes to mind, you know, "it's the end of the world as...").

But then there comes a time when I must TASTE a brew, a good flavorful hoppy tasty brew. Actually, a part of the reason why I frequent the DBA 256 bar.

Let's get to why I am posting today. I have always loved Red Hook ESB, one of my first real beers ever. I decided I needed to fill my fridge with good tasting brews, since I've grown tired of stocking Tecate Light, Coors Light, Ultra, Corona Light, Bud Light and all the basic domestic lights , I am due for taste. Well, I happened upon Alberston's in San Dimas on Bonita Ave. yesterday and behold! I saw six packs of SLIM CHANCE and LONG HAMMER. I asked, what is this stuff? I then see the RED HOOK logo below the pack. At $6.99 sale price, I couldn't say no! I bought a case and filled the fridge.

Oh my, SLIM CHANCE, a Light Ale, is one very good tasting beer, yet it is light enough to enjoy during a hot day. I don't have the proper words or terminology as far as palates, blah blah, but I do STRONGLY recommend this one. I love Pale Ales, in fact, they are my favorites, and this reminds me of a Pomona Queen, but in a Light version. Tasty, clean and refreshing. I have no rating scale but it gets a 4 out of 5! Smooth..

The next, LONG HAMMER, is a very tasty IPA. I'm drinking one as I type and it's hitting me. It's a deep tasting brew but much more kick and hoppiness. Sit down, sip slowly, and taste it all around your mouth. Wow, what flavor! Reminds me a little of Red Nectar Ale, but this one has more flavor and taste. I give this a 5 out of 5 for an IPA. Yummy! This would go great with a nice steak!

So there you have it, get your butts over to San Dimas's Albertsons and hope there is still some left! Or check around your local markets and liquor stores!

And YES YOU CAN, enjoy a GOOD BEER as you would a FINE WINE!

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