Thursday, September 24, 2009

America, Leading By Example

Source: The Economist

I'm not surprised at all, not one bit. We are a nation of morons, or at least outnumbered by them. It's no wonder we actually give a chance to people like Palin to run for the nation's 2nd highest office. We believe what the TV tells us. We don't argue on facts, we argue on pundit talking points. We are not active, we are getting fatter. I would like to see the 2009 study when it comes out, I wouldn't be surprised if it worsened.

Now go outside and walk, garden, do something! Pushups! Jumping Jacks... say hi to the people you ignore, yeah, your neighbors.

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  1. 8 hours a day is scary. The switch to digital made my TV a paperweight and I don't miss it.