Friday, September 18, 2009

Around The Garden: Good Morning Angels!

What a delight to see this morning! The Angel trumpets are in full force and I had to snap a shot to capture their dramatic effect in the garden.

These bright yellow sprays are also beautiful. The name of this yellow blooming plant is 'Goldenrod'. They really stand out in front of the Bird of Paradise and Cordyline.

The Goldenrod is native to Europe and the Asia mainland. However, naturalized goldenrod can be found on the North American continent. It is the state flower of both Nebraska and Kentucky. Here's some interesting historical info on the Goldenrod:

"Native tribes had many uses for these late-blooming plants--a tea to treat heart disease, pain killer for bee stings, topical treatment for cramps and a nasal decongestant to name a few. The Omaha tribe also used goldenrod as a seasonal indicator. During their summer buffalo hunt, it acted as a kind of floral calendar. The sight of goldenrod told them their corn was beginning to ripen back home."
--D.A. Venton

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