Thursday, September 10, 2009

DEXTER Coming To Nintendo Wii

I read over at that Nintendo and Showtime are both teaming up to bring you a video game based on the hit TV Series, Dexter. This perhaps may sound lame, as most TV to video games usually suck. But something tells me that this is going to be one bloody, nasty game. I mean, when Nintendo's head of US marketing, Kevin Willis, says,

"Our sales momentum has slowed as people grow tired of cute, puffy characters. Dexter will satisfy the bloodlust most Wii fans secretly harbor."

...that tells me this should defintely be one heck of a game. I have a Wii, and I also have the new motion sensor adapters recently released. The game does sound a bit gross and deep, but if this game takes advantage of the new motion sensors, oh boy, it's gonna be fun! Hack and slash away! oh, and yes, I am an adult and am mature enough to play and understand that this is just a video game. Of course I wouldn't let the kids around this. Just us crazy wine drinking grown ups who love playing the new Wii Sports Resort.

The Parent organizations are already starting to gather and call this game a tool for serial killers.

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  1. Where the F*&^ is it?

  2. BBSpot is a satire website, a rubbish version of The Onion. Check your facts, blog-head.

  3. LOL... 2 months later someone gets it. I had previously found out BBSpot is a satire site as mentioned. So what? This is a non-revenue blog, I dont care. Never use a blog as fact. Especially someone's useless ramblings like mine.

    But regardless, It does look like it will be an iphone/ipod game from what I gather. I couldn't imagine Nintendo approving this.

    Here's a link for the iphone/ipod game:

    you can also do a search on google for more info.