Friday, September 11, 2009

Music: Dead Weather

I don't really do music reviews, but I will do something slightly resembling just that.

Let me begin with, I love the White Stripes, with their album 'Elephant' being one of my top 10 albums of all time. But Dead Weather does not include White Stripes drummer Meg White.

I was out for a small bday gathering in Downtown Pomona a couple of weeks ago on a Thursday. We did our usual partying at the DBA256 and ended up at Acerogami (Glass House Bar). Now, it was a pretty busy Thursday night due to the fact that Cake was playing at the Fox, while one block away, Dead Weather was playing at the Glass House.

I've heard about Jack White's 'Dead Weather' project before, but haven't kept up with his music. So, one person from our circle of partyers & drinkers comes up to me and says, want to check out Dead Weather? I was like, seriously, right now while they're playing, for FREE? The person says, yeah, it's too hot in there for me. So this person worked their magic and next thing I walked right over and inside right up to where the band was performing and rocked out. They had a brief intermission and came right back. I stayed until the end, and went back to Acerogami and continued to party with the crew. The songs 'I Cut Like A Buffalo', 'New Pony' and their last song 'Will There Be Enough Water?' stuck around in my head. The sound and amazing live guitar playing of Jack White was frickin' awesome. He has got to be one of, if not the best, guitar player of my lifetime. Not to mention his great drumming session. This group of people can put on a great musical show.

I picked up a copy of their album, Horehound at Target today:

And there they were, the songs that rang in my head that fun filled Thursday night. The album is a mix of hard rock, blues, 60s and even some spaghetti western sounding songs, like 'Rocking Horse'. The drums bump nicely if you've got the right sound system. All in all, a great album no doubt!

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  1. They friggin' killed!

    And the thing about anything Senor Jack does "live", is your chances of seeing it replicated in the future are about ZERO!

    Good times!