Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Northeast Pomona Power Outage

Looks like another power outage once again here in the Northeast Pomona Area on a late Monday night. This one doesn’t include Claremont, as I can see the street lights on after American Ave. It might include the blogless city of Montclair though. I was watching the 11 O’clock news and about 11:15pm everything turned off. I heard a surge sound and went out and saw the glow of red and white towards the northeast sky. Looks like something out in Montclair to the north. At first I thought it was a fire or some kind of accident due to the almost fire looking glow in the sky. I know Montclair has some electrical transformer stations or something, and perhaps Pomona uses them. I have no clue how these ‘power grids’ work, except that they made Enron and make Edison a lot of money. It’s 11:36pm right now and everything is still dark. This is the longest outage I have encountered living out here. Oh, and I have a fridge full of groceries, so they better hurry up.

One thing though, it does look beautiful and serene out there at night.

Update: The power is back on at 11:58pm. I did hear the fire department sirens about a minute before the power kicked on. Did anyone else around here experience this? How about Lincoln Parkers?
I’m trying to find news or anything, but this is the area I call the ‘ignored northeast edge of Pomona’, so good luck to me on finding any news. I guess I might be the only so called ‘news’ LOL.

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