Thursday, September 17, 2009

Faded & Blurred Arts Colony

(photo by Kondara)

The community photo group at was out and about during the 2nd Saturday ArtWalk of Pomona. Who are these people? Well, their website describes them as:

"We are Faded & Blurred, a community for photographers and Photoshop junkies. We shoot, retouch and talk about all sorts of photo-related stuff in the forums. We also go on great photo walks all over southern California."

They have posted over 500 photos over at Flickr. If you have never seen this area of Downtown Pomona, or are just curious to see some great photos, click below to check'em out!

Faded & Blurred 9/12/09 Pomona Arts Colony Photowalk

(Thanks Bunny Gunner for the heads up!)


  1. I ran into these people couldn`t help not to so many of them they were a good bunch of people.They also said they heard about Pomona how bad it was well we changed there minds once they seen how great our town was and art walk was, so hope to see them soon at other events.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I will be checking out their photos of down-town Pomona.