Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weekend and Sports

I Haven't posted in a few days I know. But it's been a long weekend. The Pomona ArtWalk was incredible! Over 4,000 people came to the shows. I had such a blast this Saturday night with everyone at DBA256 and especially Acerogami, the place was rocking with cool cats!

What's with Serena going all crazy? Wow, an insane sports weekend.

My son's football team won on Sunday, so that was an exciting game shutting out Rancho Cucamonga 24 to 0! Go LVSD!

Monday Night Football was fun as the Bills just about had the Cheatriots, I mean, Patriots. But the Patriots figured out a way to score quickly with 2 minutes left. The Bills had heart. I was pullin' for ya Buffalo!

Here's where the problem lies.

The Raiders played exceptionally well at everything... except in the quarterback 'accuracy' department. Yes, I do believe the refs pulled another 'tuck rule'. When the announcers all agree there is no way this is not a touchdown, then it makes it harder to believe it's not. And you can't argue that the video replay is clear, because it is clear that it is a touchdown overwhelmingly than not. And if I'm correct, it has to be undisputable evidence which will change the call. A damn shame that this league can't get over Al Davis. If it's not Al Davis, than the NFL is in deep with Vegas and gambling... either way, come on. It reminds me of the first Trinidad / De La Hoya fight, where all the judges voted for De La Hoya, and they give it to Trinidad... WTF?

But despite the refs pulling one more against the Silver and Black, I think Jamarcus inaccurate throwing hurt the Raiders, period. He's a great arm at bombs no doubt. I think being young and finally having some time with the ball due to a much improved offensive line is all new to him. And how about that Seymour, wow... You got a fan here! Impressive work! If the Raiders play the same and Jamarcus slows his throws to be a bit more accurate, it will be one fun season!

(sorry for typos if any, this was a rushed, spur of the moment post)

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