Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did Your $40 DTV Converter Coupons Expire?

When I first heard about these free $40 coupons in late 2008, I quickly went online and ordered a pair for my house. My main viewing TV's are high def, but I still have a few older 'Tube' TVs around that are still decent, like my cool 13 inch Garage TV. Plus my son has my old and still kickin' 31" ProScan Tube.

Anyways, the $40 coupons came with an expiration date, mine were March 13th 2009. I realized that they were about to expire on the 11th and went to Target in Montclair immediately. They were out of digital converter boxes, so I went to their back neighbors, Bestbuy. They had them, TONS of them. The only problem is they ONLY carried their brand. I wanted 2 different brands, because, I'm an anti 'eggs-in-one-basket' guy.

I bought one and told myself, I'll check out Radio Shack and CVS tomorrow. Yup, you got it, forgot about it until a day after expiration. I quickly went online to the official website and sure enough, if it expired, oh well, nothing you can do now.

And to put a smile on my face, I stumbled upon this article today at the Chicago Tribune:

"People who got digital TV converter box coupons but let them expire can now apply for new ones.

The recent stimulus package put more money into the coupon program, letting the National Telecommunications and Information Administration give households with expired coupons a second chance."

For the official Government website, go HERE.

And yes, I've checked and it is official:

"The DTV Delay Act passed by Congress now allows the Coupon Program, upon request, to offer replacement coupons for those which have expired without being redeemed.

The Coupon Program has completed processing approved coupon applications that were placed on a waiting list beginning in January 2009.

The Coupon Program is now accepting applications from consumers whose coupons expired without being redeemed. The Coupon Program limits each U.S. household to a total of two redeemed coupons. Therefore, if you have redeemed one coupon toward the purchase of a TV converter box and the other has expired, you may request and be approved for one replacement coupon; if you have redeemed two coupons you will not be approved for additional coupons. Replacement coupons will only be issued to eligible households upon request. Consumers who wish to apply for a replacement coupon can do so at, by calling 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009), mailing an application to P.O. Box 2000, Portland, OR 97208 or faxing it to 1-877-DTV-4ME2 (1-877-388-4632). Deaf or hard of hearing callers may use 1-877-530-2634 (TTY)."

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